About the Champ Bean : Jesus Mountain


A washed Pacamara from Cerro de Jesus (a.k.a Jesus Mountain Farm) that has won Champion in Nicaragua Cup of Excellence 2021, with a score of 90.96 points.

Background Story

The farm, Cerro de Jesus is a privately-owned farm with the size of 700 hectares : 400 hectares are used for forest reserve purpose while 300 hectares are used for coffee planting with different varieties such as Catarra, Catuai, Pacamara and etc. The farm is located at the highest mountain region of Northern Nicaragua, which is 1,836 meters at its summit. The farm is blessed with abundant of biodiversity, mountainous landscape and vibrant climate which help in cultivating the flavours and aromas of this award-winning coffee. 

Coffee from Cerro de Jesus are normally picked ripe and repulsed on the same day. The process is followed by dry fermentation of 12 to 36 hours before being washed once and dried on Cafetos de Segovia’s patios, either under shade or under the full sun which normally takes around 10-15 days. 

The goal of the family when they first started the farm is to support the growth of the community who help in their coffee cultivation. They have once told the world about their mission statement :

“Connection to the land and the people that produce our coffee at the family farm at Cerro de Jesus inspires us to produce the highest quality coffee, with the utmost care. We hope you can enjoy the adventure, no matter where the Trail may lead you.”

Tasting Experience

You can expect a complex cup with high sweetness and well-balanced profile with the hint of apple taste. Simple, yet elegant. 

Limited quantity of this luxurious yet affordable coffee is available to grab on the shelf or on the website.